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Retirement income

Retirement income of 12%-20% annually

In the last 3 years I have been looking for ways to create a consistent income from the stock market with a High Return of Investment between 12%-20% with low risk.

For example with a portfolio of $500,000 you are suppose to make about $75,000 (15%) cash in a year.

Or, with a $1,000,000 portfolio you are suppose to make $150,000 cash in a year.

When I’m saying “suppose to make in a year “; I’m talking about 90% of the years, and in market crash at least not to lose any of your principle.

After a lot of research and trial and error, I have found 2 great methods with relatively low risk which I want to show you here in my website RETIREMENTWITHINCOME.COM.

Yes, there are lots of websites explaining about retirement strategies, but none of them teach you how to do it for real and with low risk. This is what I hope to achieve in this website.

I hope using the knowledge I will give you in this site, you will start a new path of success and achieve ROI of 12%-20%.

What bothers me in the traditional stock market investment

The big institutions and the mutual funds want you to invest in the stock market. This includes all the financial news papers – all of them want you to buy and hold stock. After all, if they won’t, how will they make money giving you their suggestions?

The problem in those kinds of investments is that stocks can up and down in price, so nothing guarantees you that you will keep your principle and make money. For example: one year your portfolio value can be $100,000 and the next year it can be $85,000. The year after it can be $105,000. The point is that as investors want the principle to stay stable plus receive the cash flow we need and buy and hold doesn’t guarantee enough cash flow like we are looking for in a good retirement which is between 12%-15% annually.

What about real estate

Yes, you can achieve 15% annually from Real Estate and even more but, let’s face it, real estate is a head ache. You are always responsible for your property, you will probably have a big mortgage and you will always need to have good management of the property.

This website will show you other ways to generate this kind of nice income for a better retirement.

What about government bonds, money market

Let’s face it 2%-5% is just not enough to fight inflation and to live the standard of life we need.

My methods are safe enough which makes them worth the risk we will take to achieve 12%-15% a year.

What about dividend paying stocks

It’s difficult to achieve 12%-20% return with those stocks and those stocks are not immune to market fluctuations. (not keeping your principle, etc…)

Actually in one of my methods I will teach you better ways to use those stocks with a combination of covered call writing.

Why use my methods?

Using my methods you achieve:

  • You get income and keep your principle in almost any kind of stock market.
  • You will make money in an Up trending market, flat market, moderate declining market.  This means a much higher probability to make your nice cash flow then the traditional methods of investing.
  • Cash flow – We want to keep a nice amount in our pocket every month.  We don’t want to “wait” for the money to “maybe” arrive, as in traditional stock market investing

On a crash market like we had in 2000 and/or 2008 you will most likely be protected and not lose money or lose very little, but those years are rare.

What are my methods?

I have 2 good methods for retirement:

  • Selling leaps put (long term puts) and very high quality companies with a strike price below the current value of the company. CLICK HERE to read more about the method.
  • Selling covered calls (3 or 4 month length) on a quality dividend paying stocks. Click here to read more about the method. CLICK HERE to read more about the method.

For each of the methods I’ll give you examples of my last trades with explanations so you can get an idea of how to do it yourself.

I hope in the future to create a service that allows a subscriber to invest like I do in the same stocks that I do however, for that I have to find out if there is an interest in my services and a site that will offer such services.

Why this website is different from other sites?

Most websites will give you a service that tell you what stocks to buy, but not more than that. Of course in this case your success is limited and your knowledge will be limited. Also, in a market crash most of those types of websites won’t help you.

This website will teach you how to make money and why I do things the way I do.

For example; you will understand the reason why I sell long term leaps put. you will understand how I choose the stocks and why I chose those specific stocks.

You will then be able to do it yourself or, you can continue using my website as a tool.

What do you get using my site service?

  • I will teach you all I know to be a successful investor.
  • I will show you exactly what trades I’m doing with my REAL money.
  • I will show you how to generate consistent income using the 2 methods I use personally which will allow you to live the life style you want.
  • I will show you how to always keep your principle.
  • Bonus – I will teach you 2 more aggressive methods that can generate 50%+ annually.